Yoshiro Hirogane (1894 - unknown):

Hirogane was a talented pictorialist who financed his passion for photography through his professional life. Such avocation scenarios were commonplace with Japanese art photographers during the 1920s and 1930s. A corporate accountant by profession, Hirogane was born in Okayama City, the first son of Tamataro Hirogane. In 1916 he graduated from Tokyo Shogyo Koto Gakko (Tokyo Commercial School, now known as Hitotsubashi University) and upon graduating was employed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at their Nagoya Aircraft Manufacturing Division as a section chief accountant.

Hirogane is known to have resided in Nagoya as late as 1938, but it's not known exactly how long he remained there. But he was fortunate to have been living in Nagoya which had a thriving photo art scene during the 1920s and 1930s. This was mostly centered around the Aiyu Shashin Club (Aiyu Photo Club) which was founded by Japanese photo greats Chotaro Hidaka and Matsutaro Ohashi. This group was dedicated to romantic landscape pictorialism, often times employing the use of pigment printing. It is possible, but only speculation that Hirogane was in contact with this group. During his most active period of the 1920s, Hirogane mostly produced works in silver gelatin and bromoil prints depicting rural scenes and industrial views. It is now presumed the majority of these images were taken in and around Aichi Prefecture where Nagoya is located.

Image: bamboo grove.
Item #: AP-089
Artist: Yoshiro Hirogane
Date: 1920s
Price: 135,000 JY
Description: gelatin silver print with pigment retouching.
Image: farm houses in Aichi Prefecture.
Item #: AP-092
Artist: Yoshiro Hirogane
Date: 1920s
Price: 200,000 JY
Description: bromoil print.
Image: rural scenic in Aichi Prefecture.
Item #: AP-091
Artist: Yoshiro Hirogane
Date: 1920s
Price: 150,000 JY
Description: gelatin silver print.
Image: castle view in snow, Aichi Prefeture.
Item #: SD-100
Artist: Yoshiro Hirogane
Date: c1930
Price: 75,000 JY
Description: textured and lacquered matte gelatin silver print.